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Erotic Prostate Massage

A regular massage of the prostate can soften the whole pelvic area and make it more flexible. This can lead to an increased sexual sensitivity. In Tantric Plus Singapore prostate massage session, you will be surprised to know that this is often overlooked but sensually sensitive points in your body are the center of your sexual health. Massaging this area provides both the sensual pleasure as well as the benefits attached to milking the prostate. No wonder, there was this article recently in Yahoo or a similar site which mentions the fact that if you can have regular prostate massage can reduce the chances of prostate cancer. So, what better way can it be to have this done in the magic hands of our young and experienced masseuses? They can give you a gentle and sensational rub down in your most sensitive sex spots to awake your desires and get you back into action with your partner.

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A regular session will not only make you feel great because of the immense pleasure you will experience in the process but will also make you perform better which for sure make a big difference in your sex life. Your partner will sure enjoy the fact that you have a good prostate health and does want to perform longer and having a huge drive can also make your partner happy. Also, if you enjoy the sensations of this technique you can ask your partner to also explore your sex spots to give you pleasure. Once they master this, it can be a heaven in your bed. At Tantric Plus Asian Singapore outcall massage, as your prostate massage partner, our stunning and young masseuses will make sure that you do practice and not miss all the actions in the session. Since this is a sensual massage they will provide all the fun and excitement.

Tantric Plus prostate massage starts slowly with a gentle massage of the anus. With great care and sensitivity the prostate is being massaged from the inside. Many men experience the prostate-massage as particularly pleasurable, however, the first time it can be a bit unpleasant or even painful.

Prostate massage is a healthy and pleasurable activity that can be enjoyed as part of your intimate life. Quite simply, prostate massage stimulates the prostate with a finger or massage tool with the intention of relaxation and/or pleasure.

Men report stronger orgasms, more sexual pleasure, and more complete sense of their sexual system. By stimulating the prostate, men feel sensations deeper into their body and often have stronger erections.

The best way to understand the benefits of erotic prostate massage is to try it yourself.

The Prostate

When a man is sexually aroused the semen goes from the glands to the vas deferens to the prostate.

The gland has the size of a chestnut and is located between lingam and anus. You can feel the prostate if you press on the perineum point between scrotum and anus. There you feel a soft and spongy area behind which the prostate is located.

If you can compare a man’s frenulum to a woman’s clitoris, you can also compare his prostate to a woman’s G-spot, which can also provide deeper and ongoing emotions during an orgasm.

Muscle contractions, at the point of sexual climax, pass a mixture of semen and prostate liquid in the area of the prostate, through the urethra and the glands of the lingam.

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