Singapore Lingam Massage can bring back a positive energy flow to the body

Singapore Lingam Massage can bring back a positive energy flow to the body

The Lingam massage in Singapore, when talked about in tantric terms, is the male body’s most sacred organs. Many cultures view the penis has just a reproductive organ. But, it’s not only a reproductive organ. In fact, it’s so much more than that. Lingam is the Sanskrit language means “wand of light”.

Tantric Plus’s Singapore Lingam massage assists in channeling the flow of energy as well as pleasure through the entire Lingam. The massage helps in all kinds of ways including but not limited to:

  • Easing premature ejaculation
  • Improving pain
  • Alleviating depression
  • Eliminating tension

This type of massage also helps with:

  • Bettering sexual pleasure
  • Better sleep
  • Enhancement of sexual energy
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Ejaculatory control improvement

When this massage has been carried out correctly, the man will experience total heavenly pleasure.


Breathing is extremely important, regardless of what the type of tantric massage. The right type of breathing leads to relaxing and ensures the recipient gets in touch with his bodily emotions on a deep, corporeal level.

By taking deep, regular breaths, your mind can go deep into your soul. It will let you feel your chakra. And, with each gentle touch, your body is taken higher and higher into unfathomable levels

What to expect during the Lingam Massage

If you’re the recipient of the Lingam Massage, you’ll lie down on your back, with both your hips and head elevated by use of a pillow. Your legs need to be spread for the Lingam to be seen.

In order for the Lingam to be massaged, the recipient needs to be fully relaxed. This is usually done with a physical massage that begins with the neck region, which moves slowly down the body and will include:

  • Chest
  • Nipples
  • Belly
  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Lingam

The masseuse needs to constantly remind the recipient to breathe deep

Now, and with alternating hands, speeds and pressure, the shaft will be massaged. The strokes begin at the base, with the releasing motion going upwards and then back down. The region of the Lingam will also be massaged at random.

The last area to be massaged is the sacred spot, which is the tiny spot between the anus and testicles. A slight push to the region will ensure it is relaxed.

Men who experience the Singapore Lingam massage tend to have a pleasure they’ve never experienced in your entire life. And, want to continue to experience. To maximize your pleasure, you can also add a prostate massage treatment , or even a four hands massage to your session, and enjoy two tantric goddess play with your body & massage your wand.

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