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Frequent Asked Questions

How can I book a massage with you?
You can give us a call and let us know the following
- your name, full address, postal code and a contactable number
- preferred booking time and style of massage

With this info at hand, we will be able to organize your massage booking. Your personal details are treated with discretion and will only be used for verification purposes. No information will be shared with any third parties or kept for records.

How much advance notice must I give to book a service?
Please provide 45 minutes to 1 hour booking notice allowance. The receptionist will let you know the exact time of arrival when you book.
Where will my massage session take place?
Massage will be performed at your Home or Hotel room.

How do I pay for the massage?
All payments must be made in cash prior to service. This will keep everything simple. We do not accept cheques or credit cards. All currencies are welcomed with a 10% surcharge in Singapore currency. Daily exchange rate from

Is there any surcharge during certain hours?
Yes, there’s a 10% surcharge for bookings before 10am and after 10pm to cover the higher cost of transport during this period.
Can I bargain the price?
There’s a price difference to high quality standards and that includes our service. The price is final
What if I don’t like the therapist when she arrives?
Sometimes humans have beautiful features that other humans do not like. We understand this and cancellation can be done with a $50 transportation fee.

What if something came up at last minute and I need to cancel my booking?
The cancellation can be made no later than 1 hour before the agreed arrival time. If you cancel with shorter notice, cancellation fee of $50 will incur. This is only applicable for advance bookings. There is no allowance for changes for short notice bookings
Will the therapist have all massage necessities?
Do I need to prepare anything for my massage session?
- For hygiene reasons, please have a short shower before the service.
- Switch your phone to silent mode to rest your mind before the service.
- Do make sure that the room temperature set at comfort so you will not feel chilly when undress.

The elevators at 5 star hotels usually only works with a key card, therefore only hotel personnel and registered hotel guests can access the elevators. Your therapist would have to report at the reception and ask for me. The reception will then phone me to approve the visitor. I do not want the hotel staff to think I hire a therapist to my room. What can Tantric [+] do?
We fully understand your concern. Fortunately, most of the Singapore hotels still have easy access to their floors. In a situation like yours, you do not have to worry. Our therapists will be discreet at the reception desk in order not to compromise your discretion.

Is it common to tip for good service in Singapore?
In Singapore hospitality industry, services usually include a 10% service charge. In our case, all rates are all in. Your therapist does not expect any tip. However, if you feel the service was exceptional, feel free to give her a tip; she will gratefully accept it.

Does Tantric [+] offer authentic Tantric massage experience?
We do not offer authentic Tantric massage. We believe that the best experience comes from the hands of genuine Tantric Goddess who has had her training in authentic India Tantric institutions and with accumulated experience in India. It will also be best if she’s an Indian since it originated from India.
Our version of Tantric service was designed with in mind of Tantric philosophy because we deeply believe in the benefits of sensual sexuality stimulation of Tantric methodological. It is a contemporary adaptation to fit in the modern society.

Is visiting sensual massage legal in Singapore?
Yes, we do not offer illegal services. During the service, we do not expect you to solicit for illegal services neither. We appreciate your understanding.

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About us
We believe in returning clients, and as such, providing the maximum possible pleasure for our clients is of paramount importance to us. Our friendly and attractive outcall therapists are extremely skilled, highly trained and very experience in what they do. We respect all our clients and assure you of our 100% attention to your wants.
What is Tantric massage?
Tantric Massage is one small part of the wide-ranging Tantric philosophy. Some of the other disciplines include Tantric Yoga, Tantric Meditation, Tantric Breathing etc. It is difficult to define Tantric Massage. Since there are no real standards, every therapist might do something different. So you can never quite be sure what you are getting when you hear the term "Tantric Massage".
Tantric services
One of the many things that make our service special is that our female therapists are vetted meticulously for soft hands and smooth body. Only through this hiring approach with exclusive in-house training produces therapist that’s capable of kneading away tension to stoke arousal. This capability also extends throughout her whole body, a body that’s totally devoted to your Tantric awakening.

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Operating Hours: Daily 24 hours outcall booking with 1 hour notice